04 December 2023

Comparison between the streaming platforms

Revolutionize the way you broadcast videos

Welcome to the corporate communication arena, where the Team Voilà is preparing to redefine the way you broadcast live video.

The battle of platforms

The question is simple: which team are you in? The one that believes in the interactive and engaging power of livestreamed videos internally, or the one that prefers classic meetings using well-known tools in our daily lives, such as Zoom?

Team Voilà: Where interaction takes center stage

1. Voilà Web Studio: Create your own shows, without complications

Say goodbye to technical barriers with our Studio Web. Create your own live videos and webinars without being a video expert. You’re in control, without the need for a video control room, but with guaranteed professional quality.

Voilà Web Studio: Create your own live videos without a video control room
2. Voilà Player: transform your webinars into TV shows

Picture a meeting turning into a television-like experience. The Voilà player makes it possible. Explore a range of interactive activities that transform your webinars into engaging programs.

Voilà Player: Transform your webinars into TV broadcasts

Team Daily Meetings: Zoom and On24

If you’re still hooked on traditional meetings, we respect that. But did you know? According to a Barco and Circle Research study, each employee takes part in a average of ten meetings a week – that’s around eight hours spent in a meeting room or using videoconferencing software. How about a change of perspective? Explore the interactive world of internal live videos with Voilà.

Comparison Table: Voilà vs. Zoom Events/Webinars vs. On24

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