21 July 2023

What’s new in July 2023

Every month, discover the main updates of our platform. This month’s program includes a feature that will please those who use a CRM, a feature that will please those who don’t have one, and a new slide manager.

HubSpot is now available on Voilà!

Do you use the HubSpot CRM? Do you use lead capture forms? Have you automated workflows? Good news! From now on, it is possible to synchronize your HubSpot contacts with the attendees in your live events on Voilà.

Explanation in video:

Before the time, it’s already time: programming email sending

It is very difficult to get participants to attend a live event. Email reminders are very effective in mobilizing the community that has registered for your live event and avoiding no-shows.

That’s why we now offer automatic email scheduling, which allows you to automatically send reminders at the date and time that suits you best.

This feature is available in the “Attendees” section, under advanced functions.

Programmation de mail disponible dans Voilà

Slide: we’ve rebuilt everything!

Available in the web studio, this new feature allows you to share PDF slides during your live stream very easily.

Other new features:

Remote speakers can control their own slides with the same speaker link
Scenes allow you to define a starting slide to follow the planned conductor
Slides are available in the Replay video, which you can export to social media.

To add slides, go here:

Où ajouter des slides dans une session ?

If you want to master our platform from end to end, take advantage of our new training offer:

  • 2-hour beginner training
  • 1-day advanced training.

To learn more, contact our support address: support@voila.events