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Voilà, the interactive live video solution that adapts to all your event formats, whatever the duration.

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Voilà can organize your conference, seminar, general assembly, product launches and demonstrations, corporate greetings…

Conférence de presse

Engaging live video for your communication:


Voilà offers you a wide range of activities to engage your attendees and collect their feedback.

With Voilà, you can efficiently organize your events and control what happens there thanks to our conductors*.

Discover the conductor templates that Voilà makes available to you according to your communication needs.

*What is a conductor? It is your roadmap that allows you to structure your event from start to finish, to synchronize interventions and activities.

With Voilà, get started in a few clicks

  1. Create a dedicated site
  2. Personalize your environment
  3. Choose, organize your activities and pilot the live
  4. Analyze the engagement rate and satisfaction

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