Partenariat technologique
The technological partnership to extend the event experience and continue to entertain its community

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The best of live engagement
  • Best experience for live events: quality, customization, user-friendly platform that goes from invitation to replay, security and reliability.
  • Unique participant engagement: numerous interactions that are 100% customizable and adaptable to the event.
  • New innovative formats: product launch with a 3D object that can be manipulated remotely, 100% mobile formats, etc.

The best of collaboration and performance
  • The best collaboration and communication platform: centralization of communication workflows on a single platform (channels, Slack connect, chat, team calls, videos, etc.).
  • Increased efficiency: file sharing, generation of workflows / automated tasks, search.
  • And much more: the ability to connect Slack to over 2000 applications.
The best community management

👉 Automatically create workspaces accessible through the platform.

👉 Extend the experience of participants beyond the live event by carrying on discussions (up to 200,000 simultaneous users).

👉 Entertain the community with highlights of the live event in the discussion channels created.

👉 Create more recurring appointments, with phases of inspiration and collaborative work.

How does it work?

The technological partnership

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